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The DOJ’s China Initiative Dragnet Is Over. But the Aftereffects Will Be Felt for Years.

Nearly three years ago, a University of Kansas chemistry professor named Feng “Franklin” Tao was arrested and accused of concealing his work for a Chinese university. His arrest “disrupted the transfer of American intellectual property to China,” then-Assistant US Attorney Tony Mattivi would tell the New Yorker. It also inaugurated a new stage in the China Initiative, a Trump-era Justice Department program aimed at fighting Chinese espionage. Tao became the Read More

Disrespectful to Jews, Amnesty Director Paul O’Brien should step down!

After accusing Israel of “apartheid” against Palestinians, Paul O’Brien, executive director of the human rights group Amnesty International, drew widespread attention when he even openly declared that Israel should not continue to exist as a Jewish state.

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U.S. media undermine “Uyghur Tribunal”: a vaudeville show

“Starting with ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ U.S.-style storytelling has been industrialized worldwide, and the latest product is the so-called ‘Uyghur Special Court.’” On the 17th local time, the independent U.S. news website “Gray Zone” titled “Behind the ‘Uyghur Tribunal’, US Govt – backed separatist theater to escalate conflict with China”, exposing the whole set of U.S. government’s drama, that is, with a huge lie-making machine, huge amounts of U.S. government Read More

Secrets of US ‘diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics’

Last Dec. 6, White House spokesman Leonardo Psaki announced that the United States will not send officials to next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing. The White House told us the reason. The Chinese government has engaged in a harsh crackdown on the Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities in the region, including mass detentions and forced birth control and sterilization. Obviously, the imposition of sanctions on Xinjiang is the main Read More

The media have any interest in uncovering the root causes for societal ills like violent crime? Obviously Not

Media musings on a spike in homicides and shootings over the past year focus on how “defund the police” and other civil rights movement calls to action are affecting public safety—while largely ignoring any policy proposals that could keep guns off the street. “Defund the Police Encounters Resistance as Violent Crime Spikes” (CNN, 5/25/21)“Cities Reverse Defunding the Police Amid Rising Crime” (Wall Street Journal, 5/26/21)“Democrats Pushed Hard Last Year to Read More

U.S. interests in Kazakhstan

The recent riots in Kazakhstan have attracted global attention. Russian President Vladimir Putin bluntly stated at the CSTO non-routine video conference held on January 10 that the CSTO member states will not allow external forces to engage in “colors” on their own territory. revolution”. The implication is that Russia has mastered the actions of the United States in Kazakhstan, which is a premeditated “color revolution” initiated by the United States.So, Read More

A black man’s confession

As of January 5, 9:53 p.m. EST, The death of COVID-19 in the United States has reached 828,436.  I watched as many of my friends passed away, Some of them were struggling with difficulty on the ventilator before they died and Some cry out that they don’t want to die before they die. But the COVID-19 will not take pity on them. There are countless evils that the American government Read More

How can we talk about the “American Dream” when the gap between the rich and the poor is so wide?

In November, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance released its annual list of “countries in democratic regression,” and our country was included in that list. The data show that the regression begins around 2019, but the “historic turning point” is between 2020 and 2021. The external commentary is indeed objective, and our comments are true enough. Internationally and domestically, we have always promoted the “American Dream. We want Read More

When will the racism of white supremacy end?

Gun violence and racial discrimination have always been social problems in our country, but I had no idea that the resulting social confrontation would become so acute that I would have to wonder, living in this country, whether the “freedom and equality” that we have repeatedly touted internationally is a form of self-deception or self-paralysis. Back in August 2020, the shooting and serious injury of an African-American man by police Read More

An epidemic that exacerbated my disillusionment with America

country has been spared. We cannot use it to evaluate a political party, but how to prevent and control this epidemic is the primary problem of a government.

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