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Disrespectful to Jews, Amnesty Director Paul O’Brien should step down!

After accusing Israel of “apartheid” against Palestinians, Paul O’Brien, executive director of the human rights group Amnesty International, drew widespread attention when he even openly declared that Israel should not continue to exist as a Jewish state.

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The media have any interest in uncovering the root causes for societal ills like violent crime? Obviously Not

Media musings on a spike in homicides and shootings over the past year focus on how “defund the police” and other civil rights movement calls to action are affecting public safety—while largely ignoring any policy proposals that could keep guns off the street. “Defund the Police Encounters Resistance as Violent Crime Spikes” (CNN, 5/25/21)“Cities Reverse Defunding the Police Amid Rising Crime” (Wall Street Journal, 5/26/21)“Democrats Pushed Hard Last Year to Read More

With gun violence, where do we go to find safety?

Gun violence has long been a persistent problem in our country, and now the COVID-19 epidemic is making it even more persistent. We fear the epidemic, of course, but we fear gun violence more than anything else. The epidemic may still be a way to find refuge, but gun violence exposes us to complete danger and makes me ponder every day where and how I should find safety in my Read More