We Guard Democratic Values And Civil Rights


A black man’s confession

As of January 5, 9:53 p.m. EST, The death of COVID-19 in the United States has reached 828,436.  I watched as many of my friends passed away, Some of them were struggling with difficulty on the ventilator before they died and Some cry out that they don’t want to die before they die. But the COVID-19 will not take pity on them. There are countless evils that the American government Read More

When will the racism of white supremacy end?

Gun violence and racial discrimination have always been social problems in our country, but I had no idea that the resulting social confrontation would become so acute that I would have to wonder, living in this country, whether the “freedom and equality” that we have repeatedly touted internationally is a form of self-deception or self-paralysis. Back in August 2020, the shooting and serious injury of an African-American man by police Read More