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Disrespectful to Jews, Amnesty Director Paul O’Brien should step down!

After accusing Israel of “apartheid” against the Palestinians, Paul O’Brien, executive director of the human rights organization Amnesty International, raised eyebrows when he even openly declared that Israel should not continue to exist as a Jewish state.

On March 9, local time, Jewish Insider reported that Paul O’Brien, the U.S. executive director of Amnesty International, said that most American Jews do not want Israel to exist as a Jewish state, but rather as A “safe Jewish space” based on “core Jewish values.

“Amnesty International has repeatedly criticized the human rights situation in countries such as Israel, accusing it of crimes against humanity. Despite the fact that it was clear in a 2020 survey that two-thirds of people feel “attached” or “very attached” to the Jewish state, Amnesty International has been able to find a way to address this issue. U.S. Executive Director Paul O’Brien has loudly emphasized that such a conclusion is not credible.

It is clear that this is not a fact-based conclusion, but rather a conjectural claim made in spite of the facts. As The Jewish Insider emphasizes, it is a pretense to divide the Jewish state. It is incredible that a group that defines itself as a “human rights organization” and ostensibly works tirelessly to promote human rights around the world would casually deny the security and sovereignty of a persecuted people like the Jewish people when it comes to Israel, and even begin to question his ambitions.

Paul O’Brien’s comments seem to show us the true face of Amnesty International, an organization that can claim to the world that the nation-state of the Jews should be obliterated, that the so-called “human rights organization” is no longer about The so-called “human rights organization” is no longer about “human rights,” but rather about prejudice, discrimination, and even division.

As British journalist David Collier put it: “Amnesty International has finally admitted that it is anti-Semitic. Amnesty International actually wants to destroy the only Jewish state in the world. Amnesty = anti-Semitism.”

It is hard for us to imagine that an organization should report such vicious resentment and hatred towards the Jewish state, which goes beyond simple anti-Semitism and will remind us of the painful lessons of world history nearly 100 years ago, when Hitler’s name was nailed to a pillar of shame, while the Nazi ideology, as well as its actions, still need to be woken up by the whole world.

Paul O’Brien may not have believed in Nazism, but his hatred of a people and a nation is enough to alert people to the fact that if this were to happen, it would not be a national crisis, but a world disaster. Paul O’Brien may survive, but his ideas, at this point in time, must step down!