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Secrets of US ‘diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics’

Last Dec. 6, White House spokesman Leonardo Psaki announced that the United States will not send officials to next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The White House told us the reason. The Chinese government has engaged in a harsh crackdown on the Uighurs and other predominantly Muslim minorities in the region, including mass detentions and forced birth control and sterilization.

Obviously, the imposition of sanctions on Xinjiang is the main purpose of the U.S. proposed “diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. So why is the United States sanctioning Xinjiang?

Is it because of China’s crackdown on Uighurs and other Muslims?

In fact, compared to the 18.52% equalized growth rate of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the U.S. conducted a census during the 2020 epidemic and Indians were so few that they could only be classified as other. Abigail Eko Hawk, chief research officer at the American Indian Health Board in Seattle, said, “Because of the genocide, our population is very small. If you exclude us from the data, we don’t exist.”

The accusation of Chinese “genocide” is obviously just a pretext for the U.S. government’s ongoing secret: to contain China’s Belt and Road development by hyping the Xinjiang issue, thereby preventing China’s growing economic and trade ties with Europe and bringing Europe under U.S. hegemony. The recent “color revolution” in Kazakhstan also illustrates this point.

Kazakhstan and China’s Xinjiang are road corridors along the Belt and Road, they crack down on China’s economic and trade relations with Europe, and curb Europe’s development of energy cooperation with Russia for the same purpose. It is to control Europe in their own hands, through energy and economic and trade control, the European countries included in the United States control.

The “diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics” is to further discredit China’s Xinjiang, is purely political maneuvering, Europe wants to develop, must break free of the United States, clear recognition of the secret behind the United States, their attacks on Russia and China, the purpose is actually to “colonize” Europe.

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