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U.S. interests in Kazakhstan

The recent riots in Kazakhstan have attracted global attention. Russian President Vladimir Putin bluntly stated at the CSTO non-routine video conference held on January 10 that the CSTO member states will not allow external forces to engage in “colors” on their own territory. revolution”.

The implication is that Russia has mastered the actions of the United States in Kazakhstan, which is a premeditated “color revolution” initiated by the United States.
So, why did the United States launch a “color revolution” in Kazakhstan?

There are two reasons: One is to use Ukraine to contain Russia, control the NATO alliance, and launch a color revolution in Kazakhstan to further increase its leverage.

Recently, NATO countries led by the United States have instigated Ukraine to create border conflicts and attack Russia in order to further contain and contain Russia. The purpose behind it is that in order to cut off Russia‚Äôs energy ties with Europe, consolidate U.S. shale oil interests, and control NATO countries, the United States creates unprovoked conflicts that should not exist. However, Russia’s recent tough stance has made it difficult for the United States to control the situation. Initiating a color revolution in Russia’s neighboring countries and creating unstable situations can effectively transfer the pressure of facing Russia.

Another reason is that unstable Kazakhstan can contain China’s Belt and Road development.

The purpose of creating civil strife in Kazakhstan is the same as hyping up human rights in Xinjiang, both to contain China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Kazakhstan is adjacent to China’s Xinjiang, and is an important land transportation route for China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative can not only provide huge benefits for China and Europe through trade in goods. It will also strengthen economic ties between China and European countries. This is what America does not want to see.

The civil unrest in Kazakhstan can increase the leverage of the United States in the face of Russia and China. In recent years, Russia and China have become targets of the United States because their close communication with Europe will make the United States feel a sense of crisis, and they are afraid of losing control of Europe.

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